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How Frequently Do the Results from Completed US Clinical Trials Enter the Public Domain? – A Statistical Analysis of the Database

POLS: July 15, 2014 Background Achieving transparency in clinical trials, through either publishing results in a journal or posting results to the (CTG) web site, is an essential public health good. However, it remains unknown what proportion of completed studies achieve public disclosure of results (PDOR), or what factors explain these differences. Methods We analyzed […]

 Clinical Trial Engagement Network

It Will Never Feel Like Enough, But Participating in Research Helps

Michaeljfox: July 15, 2014 I used to think that the feeling that I wasn’t doing enough in the fight against Parkinson’s disease was just a neurosis of mine. As the daughter of a person with Parkinson’s, I help my dad with his annual golf tournament. I write for The Michael J. Fox Foundation’s FoxFeed blog, […]

 Clinical Trial Engagement Network

More Than Meets the IRB: Conversation with Molly Tovar and Pete Coser   (7/2014) In this seventh installment of “More Than Meets the IRB,” Molly Tovar (PhD, Director of the Kathryn M. Buder Center for American Indian Studies) and Peter Coser, Jr. (MHR), talk with us about ethical and cultural issues related to American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) research. Our guests for this podcast have extensive […]



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