The Clinical Trial Engagement Network

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The Clinical Trial Engagement Network will serve as the healthcare industry resource addressing a critical need in drug research – improving the representation of diverse populations, including African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanics, in clinical trials.


Clinical trial sponsors that join the Clinical Trial Engagement Network, gain exposure to, and connect with, clinical trial investigators and diverse patients who volunteer to be considered for clinical trials.  These sponsors can access the Clinical Trial Recruitment Center, a secure web-based tool containing zip code level maps showing not only these investigators and patient volunteers, but also disease prevalence and counts, clinical trial locations and minority-serving physicians, hospitals, clinics, academic research centers, physician networks and other points of care, patient advocacy organizations and key influencers serving diverse communities.

The Clinical Trial Engagement Network is designed to accelerate the recruitment into clinical trials of a representative sample of patients who are anticipated to benefit from a proposed therapy.  It is:

  • A data warehouse — a virtual library (maps, charts, graphs and registries) of information about patterns of illness (prevalence and counts) afflicting populations by geography, race/ethnicity, gender and age and about providers, points of care, patient advocacy organizations and others who serve people living in diverse communities.
  • An interactive communications network linking clinical trial sponsors and investigators to potential patients living, and physicians practicing, in diverse communities.

For more information about becoming a Clinical Trial Engagement Network member, please contact Gary Puckrein ( by email or by phone at 1-202.223.7560.

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